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Harness the power of AI and digitisation to transform your profits, products, and processes.

People as nodes in an insurance network

Digital transformation in the insurance industry

Traditional insurance is:

  • Costly

    Traditional labour-intensive administration and marketing processes – as well as established brokerage fees – inflate prices to end users.

  • Unappealing

    Consumer disengagement with traditional insurance is exacerbated by high acquisition costs, service issues, and inefficient technology.

  • Inefficient

    Existing legacy technology platforms were not designed for the digital age and frequently fail to meet the needs of consumers in both developed and developing markets.

  • Moral hazard

    Traditional insurance products are sold to individual customers based on the principle of risk transfer where price is central to the transaction. There is little incentive to minimise risk, which frequently results in increased moral hazard.

Digital insurance is:

  • Personal

    Insurance companies that only operate online are providing customised, cost-effective coverage options that match their customers' specific requirements.

  • Precise

    With the help of AI and automation, and by tapping into the vast wealth of behavioural and claims data in the insurance and telecom sectors, we can more accurately process claims and minimise fraud.

  • Scalable

    With low overhead costs, insurance companies can provide scalable products, including microinsurance, that are low-priced and capable of reaching large numbers of customers with ease.

  • Viral

    By utilising the power of social networks and social media, you can expand your brand's impact, grow your customer base, and foster customer retention.

Crosure is transforming the insurance industry by using AI-driven automation and digitalising the customer journey.

Are you ready to join the digital transformation?

Crosure is a






SaaS platform designed exclusively to meet the needs of the insurance industry

Provide a seamless digital experience by connecting data, apps and devices via unique API-led integration flows. Includes zero-hassle onboarding of new customers and easy continuous engagement.
Transform your customers into brand advocates through viral marketing and next-level experience strategies that promote customer loyalty, retention and referrals. AI and data tracking enable you to reward good behaviour with reduced premiums and prizes.
Extend your reach and access new revenue streams with innovative insurance products. Mobilise insights gained from AI, insurance & telco data to create a broad range of microinsurance products based on community insurance principles.
Reduce time-to-market by creating a more agile business. Increase productivity by supporting higher-value work, better business insights, and improved decision-making.
Reduce fraud, eliminate unnecessary costs and processing time, and improve underwriting precision, speed, and efficiency using the power of automation and insurance AI.

We’re not just delivering digitisation solutions.
We’re revolutionising the insurance industry.

The Crosure Platform

The go-to solution for insurance innovators

Content Management System (CMS)

Mobile-first, multi-lingual, and easy-to-use

Virtual Insurance Agent (VIA)

Seamless and cost-efficient support service

Insurance CRM

Streamline customer acquisition and claims handling

AI Brain

“Peer factor” model to support automatic quoting

Actuarial Intelligence Dashboard (AID)

Insights from deep learning and network science

Our comprehensive, modular, and scalable digital insurance platform assists our clients by simplifying processes, revolutionising the customer experience, and driving growth using innovative technology, streamlined distribution, and reduced costs.

Choose any or all of the modules – whichever suits the needs of your business best.

“Crosure's experienced team has shown tremendous commitment working with us to completely transform the digital experience for our customers and address the twin challenges of acquisition and retention.

We have launched a range of motor and travel insurance products on the Crosure platform and the built-in viral outreach capability enables us to acquire new customers in a cost effective manner. Utilising the customer rewards and peer group functionality will ensure that we retain and grow our customer base helping us to achieve our objective of becoming the leading insurance provider in Uzbekistan.”

Abduaziz Abdusattorov, CEO, INSON Joint Stock Insurance Company


Work with us for a win-win digital insurance solution

Unlike many providers, we don’t just create your platform and leave you to it. We’re here for the long haul. We help you implement the technology and maximise its potential.

In fact, other than a minimal calibration fee, our payment is results-oriented. We get paid when you’re successful.



Set up a call to talk through the specific requirements of your business. You’ll choose the modules you need from our product suite and we’ll create a bespoke plan for customisation and implementation.



Depending on the scope of the project, we’ll need 1-2 months to calibrate your platform. We have the resources to ensure it starts generating value for your business in the shortest possible time frame.



Upon completion of the implementation, we’ll continue collaborating with your internal team to deliver optimal outcomes. We offer a range of customisable support packages so you can be confident we always have your back.

Crosure: Harnessing the power of AI to help insurance and telco companies transform and thrive

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